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The Library’s Role in the Creative Economy

Best Buy’Â’s Anderson understands that harnessing the full power of the Creativity Economy means more that implementing new technology and designing captivating new products. He likes to say that the great promise of the creative era is that, for the first time in our history, the further development of our economic competitiveness hinges on the fuller development of human creative capabilities. In other words, our economic success increasingly turns on harnessing the creative talents of each and every human being, regardless of sex, age, race, ethnicity, or sexual orientation.

The above quote is taken from “The Future of the American Workforce in the Global Creative Economy” by Richard Florida (From the June 4th issue of Cato Unbound via Arts & Letters Daily).

The article discusses how the greatest job growth is in the creative and service sectors. The creative sector includes such fields as science and technology, design and entertainment, and knowledge work; while the service sector includes such fields as customer service, retail, and food services. Unfortunately, the creative sector is much better paid. The excerpt above describes one of the solutions to this problem that feels right to me. All employees should be given the opportunity to apply creative solutions to their work.

I also think that libraries of all sorts can play a key role as the workforce continues its transition. It has always been the goal to serve all users no matter what their job. While many workers in creative fields have received excellent educations and have ample intellectual resources available, service workers are often left wanting for resources. It is important that libraries strive to make materials available that will assist service workers in their creative endeavors. As more of these materials become available on the web, librarians also need to train users in how to discover the appropriate resources for themselves.