Below are examples of projects/products I worked on 2009-2012.

Scopus Author Feedback Wizard

Free version available here: http://scopusfeedback.com/

Screenshot of Review Documents step

Scopus Author Profiles are created by algorithm. While the algorithm has high recall and precision, no algorithm is perfect. When an author discovers an error in their profile, it is important that they can get it fixed quickly and efficiently. In the past, a simple form was provided that enabled an author to describe what was wrong. This was then processed by a dedicated support team, which often resulted in multiple communications between authors and support staff. The process support staff followed to submit the change to the system was also predominantly manual.

A solution to improve this situation needed to be put in place as soon as possible. Because of the urgency… continued…

Scopus Analyze Results tool

Scopus Analyze Results: Overview and use case

Please visit the following for a discussion of the process followed in this project:

An Introduction to Scopus Analyze Results (now live!)

SciVerse Application Framework + Selected Apps

Publication/Data Linking MatrixThe SciVerse Application framework is a suite of tools that enable third-party developers to build gadgets/plugins for ScienceDirect, Scopus, and SciVerse Hub. My role in this project was limited to Scopus specific components. I determined where the integration points would be and defined the contextual information made available in those locations. In addition to my work integrating the framework into the Scopus.com interface, I also contributed to the development of a number of apps both for Scopus and that used Scopus data.

One of the earliest apps I sourced was… continued…

Scopus Refine Results redesign

The above tutorial outlines the implemented solution

In close collaboration with my User Centered Design (UCD) team, we redesigned the Refine Results interface for Scopus.  The most significant change was from a horizontal to a vertical format. To determine if this was the best course of action, we created mockups and tested which format users and customers prefer. One interesting finding was… continued…

Scopus Alerts Mobile Apps

Links to download the apps are available in our Mobile Apps Gallery.

I entered this project after the initial launch of an iPhone app. Since then, we added an in-app payment system and migrated the app to our vendor Service2Media’s App Lifecycle Platform™ – M2Active.  This enables us to maintain apps across multiple OSs via a shared codebase. Basically, when we make updates, we only need to make them once and they apply to all versions of our app. We have now launched Android and BlackBerry apps. Because of the nature… continued…

Record Page redesign

Please visit the following for a discussion of the process followed in this project:

Scopus March 2012 release overview: New Document Details Pages, Interoperability with Hub, Lipid Structures (beta), etc.