weekly activity digest

# habib: RT @jaykaydee: My dissertation: “Beliefs and Uses of Tagging Among Undergraduates” http://bit.ly/97bJQI If you’re into that sort of thing

# habib: RT @mfenner: New blog post: ORCID session at #solo10 and other important #orcid news http://bit.ly/crZzWg

# habib: RT @gthorisson: My latest SlideShare upload: ORCID presentation from Science Online London 2010 – http://slidesha.re/dqjO0F

# habib: RT @ORCID_Org: We’re officially a non-profit! Announced today, ORCID initiative is now ORCID, Inc http://bit.ly/c8L8hW

# RT @IanMulvany: #solo10 some pics and links to presentations from the session I hosted. http://directedgraph.net/2010/09/07/solo10-presentation-slides/

# WEBINAR (free): The Future of Search and Discovery, Sept. 8 w/ Jud Dunham and Cameron Neylon http://t.co/tiia9JS

# RT @Machemes: New and Unique Tool Eases the Process of Finding Article Reviewers: The search is based on the Scopus macheme fo… http://bit.ly/9U3bEy

# My slides from Connecting Scientific Resources at Science Online London 2010 available at http://t.co/3vrgEc1 #solo10 #li @IanMulvany @rjw