Hipper Crowd of Librarians – Most E-Mailed, 5th Most Blogged


The NYT article on hip librarians is the most e-mailed article of the New York Times and it is 5th most blogged. Despite its fluffiness, I liked the article.

Stereotypes are a fact of life. Every time I am at a bar, night club, or concert past 10 at night and tell a stranger that I am a librarian, they express surprise. Why? Because I am a young, male, librarian who appears to be having fun.

I am willing to bet that any young librarian or library student who could be considered moderately “hip” has had this experience.

There will always be stereotypes. I for one would rather be stereotyped as a hipster than a spinster any day.

By the way, the Business section of the Sunday Times had an article explaining what usabilty professionals do:
Technology’s Untanglers: They Make It Really Work

4 thoughts on “Hipper Crowd of Librarians – Most E-Mailed, 5th Most Blogged”

  1. “I for one would rather be stereotyped as a hipster than a spinster any day.”

    Could that be because spinsters are……[lowers voice to a whisper]…


    Can’t have anybody thinkin’ something insulting like THAT about you! :-)

  2. No, the reason is that spinster as a stereotype is typically used with negative connotations, while hipster, like in this article, is often used as a positive stereotype. In that statement I was discussing the stereotype of a spinster librarian, not the dictionary definition.

    I noticed your :) but wanted to clarify anyway.

  3. I currently don’t work in a library. I have spent all morning listening to my coworkers in the neighboring department making fun of the librarian stereotype. One of them got new glasses so they decided they needed to give her a librarian name. So far Gertrude and Bernadette are the front runners.

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